Service Policy

Quality and Continuous Improvement Policy

DCAS Direct Personnel Limited is committed to operating efficiently and effectively in order to meet the needs of clients and stakeholders, especially students. Continuous improvement in all activities is vital for the School’s continued success.

The Organisation undertakes on going quality control and evaluation of all its operations to ensure maintenance of standards appropriate to the expectations of the community, including examining and licensing authorities where relevant.

Quality and continuous improvement in the School

The Organisation’s approach to quality encompasses all its operations including governance, Finance, human resources and occupational health and safety.

The Organisation’s quality system is based on adherence to the following principles:

  • A commitment by all staff to continuous improvement of processes, courses, products and services
  • Input and involvement of all staff and students in identifying and implementing quality improvements
  • Systematic use of qualitative and quantitative feedback as the basis for identifying and prioritising improvement opportunities.

External standards

The Organisation adheres to all relevant external standards imposed by government agencies and regulatory authorities.

Continuous improvement processes

The Organisation uses the following processes and strategies to improve overall performance.