10806230-tempstaffOur service provision is based on operational values and principles of care.


There are four basic types of care
where the carer comes for a specified amount of time on a regular basis, Visiting Carers can help with: Cooking, Cleaning, laundry and ironing, Personal care, Shopping, Doctors appointments and hospital visits, General administrative tasks.
where the carer lives at the person’s home Our professional live-in carer works with you to meet your personal needs and wishes, following an individually designed support plan that is put together by one of our local assessors in conjunction with those that are familiar with existing routines and needs
Where the carer fills in for another carer or family member while they take a break – either one-off or regularly Respite Care from Helping Hands is a shorter-term care service designed to give you the opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries. It also works if your own health deteriorates or if in the worst case scenario, you are admitted to hospital yourself
Where the carer visits or lives in while the person is recovering from an illness or operation at home

picThe Re-ablement service provided by DCAS Direct Personnel is all about helping you to do things for yourself, whether it be personal care or everyday tasks, such as making a cup of tea and preparing a meal.  Our aim is for you to be as independent as possible in your everyday life.

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